Saturday, June 28, 2014

Essie Minimalistic is my new love

Hi peep-holes!
I just wanted to quickly come on and share with you all my new obsession.  Essie's Minimalistic (502), a pale "white washed" (LOL) pink that I can't help but look at and go awww so pretty.  According to my google'ing this polish came out in 2012 (?) and I'm pretty depressed that I was missing this for two years of my life.

In the blazing sunlight.
Essie Blanc / OPI Muppets World Tour / ORLY Lemonade.
I think most of you are probably thinking "WTF Essie has like a gazillion light pinks AND their babies" and that is true.  The thing is I've tried gazillions dozens (and their babies) of light pinks and this is the first time I've thought: I love it. The end..  Don't you just hate buying a pink nail polish thinking its going to to give you such a pretty/cute/classic look and after dealing with the Essie streakiness, look at it and go "Fail whale, this is too warm/cool/light/pink/coral..." because I loathe (way above hate) that.

Essie Minimalistic

Anyways, the colour you see in the pictures is after three decently thick coats.  I found that the less thick it is, the more "pale" of a pink it looks, if you get what I am saying.  There is some streakiness which is why I used three coats, but I'll accept that in exchange for amazeballs.

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