Monday, January 20, 2014

How to entertain a teenager

Several times a week my teen niece likes to putter over to my place and exasperate hang out with me.  To be honest I love those times because it gives me a chance to let my "inner child/teen" run free.  FYI: as a general rule I don't do extremely embarrassing and slightly mental dances in front of other adults.  Yesterday after a long and tedious discussion where she proceeded to throw away all my ideas of "what to do" like cheap tissue, I finally figured out the solution.  I ran over to my makeup nook and flung open the doors to reveal the hidden gems within and like a rabid dog she attacked.

And by attacking I mean she took all my Urban Decay eye shadows and proceeded to swatch every colour.  All the while pretending to be like a true diva youtuber and providing commentary on each and every one.  Several hours, and one Edward-like (ie glitter/disco ball) arm, later the epic battle of theBalm vs Urban Decay was over and the overrated Urban Decay pitifully limped away.

I would like to loudly and proudly say, mission accomplished.

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