Monday, January 20, 2014

How to entertain a teenager

Several times a week my teen niece likes to putter over to my place and exasperate hang out with me.  To be honest I love those times because it gives me a chance to let my "inner child/teen" run free.  FYI: as a general rule I don't do extremely embarrassing and slightly mental dances in front of other adults.  Yesterday after a long and tedious discussion where she proceeded to throw away all my ideas of "what to do" like cheap tissue, I finally figured out the solution.  I ran over to my makeup nook and flung open the doors to reveal the hidden gems within and like a rabid dog she attacked.

And by attacking I mean she took all my Urban Decay eye shadows and proceeded to swatch every colour.  All the while pretending to be like a true diva youtuber and providing commentary on each and every one.  Several hours, and one Edward-like (ie glitter/disco ball) arm, later the epic battle of theBalm vs Urban Decay was over and the overrated Urban Decay pitifully limped away.

I would like to loudly and proudly say, mission accomplished.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Be MATTEnificent!

For those of you who are guilty of being a bit of a beauty junkie like me (tried and found guilty!) you might have heard the buzz about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  While my two lovely cousins each got one soon after it came out, I have been sitting on the fence.  Let me tell you, its not pleasant to have a fence up one's butt, major wedgies!

On one hand it had absolutely beautiful colours (rose gold is the shiz on a stick) and the price was semi decent at $52, the same as the other two.  My dilemma was that out of the 12 shades only three to four of them appeared to be matte; and I LOVE mattes.  Like if it was crack I would probably be snorting up rainbow coloured crack all day. (Side note: I believe this is what happened to my 88 coastal scents palette that mysteriously disappeared through customs...just was totally snorted)

So while I've spent the past month with metaphorical wedgies and rainbow crack withdrawal, Tarte came and knocked me on the side of the head with this beauty.

Tarte Be MATTEnificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye and Cheek Palette

$36 USD. Limit Edition. Available at Sephora, Ulta and whatevers listed on google. 

For $36 USD you get eight beautiful matte shades, two of which can be used as liner, one pretty blush and a dual ended eyeshadow brush.  At this point I should probably point out the obvious, it is an all matte palette and the packaging is amaZING!  I am a packaging sucker and the Naked 3's weirdly ripple tin just doesn't really tickle my fancy and I would be lying to say it wasn't one of the things holding me back.  However, I love this Tarte palette!  The creatively done purple stone/wood cover as well as the gold is just stunning.

So, to make a long (and roundabout) story short, days after seeing this palette I ordered this beaut and is now anxiously waiting its arrival.  (Why must it take so long!) Hopefully it will be here soon and I can post up some pictures.  Who knows, maybe I'll give in and get myself a Naked 3 but until then I'm one happy lady.